Celebrate International Women’s Day in March

In March people all over the world engage in International Women’s Day 2016 in order to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women for our society. We know that being a woman is not always as easy as it should be, so we would like to do our part for improving the lives of women by introducing Sorabee’s Balancing Aqua Cream which can destress the skin and keep it revitalised!

In our hectic lifestyle today, we cannot avoid exposing our skin directly to the sunlight, computers and handphones. Thus, it is a must to protect the skin from the harmful environment.

Celebrate International Women’s Day in March by taking care of your skin

Sorabee’s Balancing Aqua Cream is the perfect nourishing cream that is part of the beauty brand’s intense treatment roster and is perfect whether as a present or as part of your own grooming regime. Like its name implies, the speciality about this product is that it effectively hydrates the firm skin with intensive moisturising water droplets that leave the skin feeling supple and soft. The formulated cream also rebalances sebum and evens out the skin’s texture with collagen essence. Likewise, it also functions as a spot serum that reduces and treats acne with anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce visible acne scars and prevent acne formation.

How does it work? Well, simply apply a generous amount to your skin after applying Sorabee’s Balancing Lotion. When water droplets appear, start massaging in a circular motion to allow the cream to penetrate the skin, thereby nourishing and moisturizing it from within.

Make Sorabee’s Balancing Aqua Cream (RM106, inclusive of GST) your choice this month and you’ll reap the benefits of beautiful and healthy skin and experience how water droplets beautify your skin.

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Written by Budiey

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