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Must Buy! Casing Buddy Gator, Beyond The Vines & Doraemon From Casetify

Feeling down, on the verge of shedding a tear? Fear not, because Buddy Gator is here to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart!

Buddy Gator

Introducing the exciting collaboration between CASETiFY and the beloved Malaysian character brand, Buddy Gator. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it’s the first time CASETiFY has partnered with a Malaysian character brand, bringing together the innovative spirit of CASETiFY with the heartwarming charm of Buddy Gator.

Buddy Gator, created by the talented artist Chow Hon, is a delightful comic collection that captures the essence of friendship, joy, and adventure. With its endearing characters and captivating storytelling, Buddy Gator has won the hearts of many, and now, it’s ready to spread its magic even further through this special collaboration.

CASETiFY, known for its high-quality accessories that combine style with protection, has joined forces with Buddy Gator to create a range of products that not only serve a functional purpose but also evoke emotions and memories. Whether it’s a phone case adorned with Buddy Gator’s cheerful face or a vibrant laptop sleeve featuring scenes from the comic collection, each product is designed to bring a touch of happiness and positivity to your everyday life.

So, the next time you’re feeling blue or on the brink of tears, remember that Buddy Gator is by your side, ready to brighten your day with its infectious charm and whimsical adventures. With CASETiFY’s innovative craftsmanship and Buddy Gator’s heartwarming appeal, this collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impression and remind us all of the power of friendship and positivity, even in the toughest of times. Say hello to Buddy Gator x CASETiFY and let the magic unfold!

Lam and seeks to spread positive vibes and remind everyone that they are special.

● Adorable designs available for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel users


Beyond The Vines

Hi, I’d like to check in, please! Welcome to The BTV Hotel, CASETiFY’s new collaboration with Singaporean multidisciplinary design studio: Beyond the Vines. 


This collaboration is the brand’s first collaboration with a design studio in Southeast Asia. This hotel-inspired collection merges the comfort of home with innovative design, encouraging the community to check in, unwind, and feel a sense of true belonging.



● Designs inspired by the quintessential elements of a boutique hotel experience

● Six exclusive designs available as phone cases and tech accessories

● To complete the look, “guests” can screenshot phone wallpapers on Beyond The Vines’ Instagram page highlights

● Beyond The Vines x CASETiFY is now available on For more amazing merchandises, check out



This is the first collection with the popular Japanese manga and animated series, Doraemon!

The CASETiFY x Doraemon collection takes inspiration from

key elements of the popular Japanese manga and animated series, bringing them to life with CASETiFY’s range of best-selling tech accessories.

Written by Budiey

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