Cara Berseronok Dalam Dunia Penuh Fantasi

Pernah tak anda merasakan dunia ini membosankan dan anda nak mencari sesuatu yang baru yang menyeronokkan untuk dinikmati bersama keluarga. Keseronokan ada di mana-mana tapi ada yang terbaru untuk korang mencuba. Perkenalkan dunia fantasi yang penuh dengan keterujaan.

Sunway Lagoon beckons as school holidays approach. This coming break, visitors will be greeted by fairies, fantasy characters, and activities that will make for an unforgettable visit to Sunway Lagoon.

Packed schedules, assignment deadlines, examinations, and tuition classes take a back seat as over 90 rides and attractions await, along with enticing packages for the entire family!

Sunway Lagoon

The Lagoon Of Fairies And Fantasy

Sunway Lagoon provides the perfect respite from punishing schedules for the family, such as, FamFUN that includes 2 Adult and 2 Children passes, and 4-To-Go that consists of 4 Adult passes, costing RM 390 and RM 456 respectively.

From the 28th of May all the way to the 12th of June, visitors will be privy to a fantasy journey filled with face painting, fireflies parade, and a fairies show, just to name a few from each day’s itinerary. Children will be able to live their dream of growing wings at the Kids Fairy Wings DIY session.

With the newly acquired wings, fly to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, to meet SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Dora the Explorer, Boots and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Among the ‘not-to-be-missed’ thrills at Asia’s first Nickelodeon themed land is the Jungle Fury.
Go on this twisting journey with surprising turns and drops as a family, and come out a stronger unit. Head over to the Splish Splash, adorned with brightly coloured sprays that send out jets of water in various effects and directions, suited for the young ones.

Sit down for a nice lunch with the family at the The Boardwalk with an array of delicious meals, and enjoy the lovely view on top of Lagoona Terrace.

Now rested and energised, the Primeval is the next destination. Split into teams and head down either the Cobra Creek, Boa Constrictor, and Crocodile Gully slides to see which team gets out of this gravity defying ride first. Win or lose, the entire family can reflect upon their experience over a show by the tribesmen of this lost civilization at Hippo Valley.

Enter the SpongeBob Splash Adventure and enjoy the many geysers, water cannons, waterfalls, and water slides with SpongeBob and his gang from Bikini Bottom. Finally, culminate the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon experience at the beckoning of the ‘magical hour’ as the family turns green with neon green slime during the ‘Great Slime Deludge’.

Experience the Best Day Ever at Sunway Lagoon as a family during the school holidays from 28th May to 12th June, and 10th to 18th September. *Prices are inclusive of GST.

For more information on Sunway Lagoon, call 603 5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at or its Facebook page at


Written by Budiey

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