Breakthrough With Anthony Robbins

Breakthrough With Anthony Robbins

Premieres 16 February 2011, Wednesday @ 10pm

Remarkable documentary series charting life-changing transformations as master motivator Tony Robbins helps troubled individuals overcome major hurdles. Each episode chronicles the inspiring 30 day journey of one person as Robbins works with them on a tailored coaching plan aimed at boosting confidence and beating a problem that has blighted their life.

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In the opening episode, an intelligent young man whose severe stutter had all-but destroyed his career prospects is radically transformed with Robbin’s help and at the end of the month is able to give a clear, powerful speech in front of thousands of people. Similar transformations take place in the rest of the series when, after life-long struggles, we witness newly confident individuals succeed in major challenges beyond their wildest imaginations.

Created by the makers of the hit transformation reality series The Biggest Loser, the show gives people the tools to change their own lives, then encourages them to follow Tony Robbin’s example to help others do the same.

Frank and Kristen Alioto, 16 Feb
Frank became paralyzed when they jumped into a pool on their wedding night. Tony takes them skydiving to make Frank realize that he can live his life without restriction. Frank then trains to play Murderball, while Kristen goes to the spa for some much-needed R&R (this is the longest he and Kristen have been apart since the accident). Tony helps build the car Frank has been dreaming about, and races the truck around the desert as Tony reminds Kristen to give Frank his freedom.

John Rodriguez, 23 Feb
John Rodriguez was living the American dream until his family lost everything. Tragedy struck again when he lost his wife to a drive by shooting. Since then, John has spent his time just watching the world go by. A graduate of one of the world’s best culinary schools, this single father of two sons is determined to get back on his feet, become an active father again and the great chef he once was. Restaurant: La Cachette, Chef.

This program is available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles.


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