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Boys Stay in Shape with Samsung Galaxy Watch

Simplify your life to stay fit and in shape! At the recent event presented by Lululemon Malaysia, our friends in Épique+ Fitness definitely made sure everyone had a good workout using the Galaxy Watch.

The program consisted of 3 classes customized for the boys to get in shape – FIGHT, HIIT, and BRO-GA (BRO YOGA). They had the opportunity to experience the Samsung Galaxy Watch which helped them to monitor heartbeat, calories burned, and steps taken during the entire workout.


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The Galaxy Watch is built with a better efficiency chipset and long-lasting battery – 472mAh (46mm)/270mAh (42mm). It is designed with wellness in mind by offering a new stress management tracker[1] and advanced sleep tracker[2] which monitors all levels of sleep. It also incorporated 21 new indoor exercises, tracking a total of 39 workouts that allow users to customize and change up their routines.

The Galaxy Watch suits a person’s individual style through a selection of watch faces with depth and lighting effect, with the feel of a real watch. Gents and ladies alike will appreciate the new look and interface of the new Watch with 3 colour options – rose gold and black in 42mm and silver in 46mm to fit different wrists.

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