Smell is provocative – to your advantage or against you. Hence, the last thing you want is to fall prey into the pitfalls of fragrance selection and application. Here is a crash course on dos and don’ts of body spray with fragrance, allowing you to get the most out of your “scent” of attraction.


• Try Before You Buy
It is important to know that people have varying skin types and pH balances, or skin acidity. Due to this, a single scent can smell differently on one person than it does on another. A self-test on your skin is the single, surefire method for determining its reaction with your body chemistry.

• Apply after a hot shower
Like most things in life, timing is everything. So, naturally, there is a prime time for applying body spray– like after a hot shower or bath. The water temperature and steam assist in prying pores open, which in turn, sop up scent.

• Reapply if you have dry skin
When it comes to body spray with fragrance, knowing your skin type is a critical mission. Oily complexions maintain scent for longer, with fewer and less frequent applications. Drier skin, on the other hand, is just the opposite, imagine a sponge soaking up that sweet scent.


• Douse
We all know that guy who has a perpetual trail of saturated scent you can smell from a mile away and you do not want to be him. The last thing you want is to announce your coming and going in the most olfactorily offensive way.

• Use scented soaps
Strongly scented soaps and body washes can mix in unintended ways with any body spray with fragrance applied afterward. Go for something lighter than normal.

• Think one scent is enough
Despite the old advice of finding a signature scent and sticking to it, men must remember the importance of changing things around. Try different scents for different occasions to spice things up.

• Scent un-showered skin
Attempting to apply body spray on un-showered skin may not be the worst crime in the world but you do run the risk of instigating a nasty cover-up.

Written by Budiey

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