Bio Raw Obsessed

Program Title: Bio.Raw: Obsessed (New Episodes)
Telecast date: Every Thursday, 7 April 2011
Telecast Time: 10pm
Channel: Astro, Channel 731

Program synopsis:
According to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America, Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older. “Obsessed” examines the lives of everyday people imprisoned by unmanageable, repetitive behaviors and sometimes debilitating fear. The show explores the stories of sufferers as well as the adverse effects their disorder has on their friends and family. Each participant will undergo a highly successful form of cognitive behavioral therapy that exposes themselves to the sources of their greatest anxiety in an attempt to manage their fears.


Cindee & Graham, 7 April
Cindee is obsessed with exercise and spends many unhealthy hours on the treadmill, at the gym, or with her free weights, leaving little time for her family. Graham fears contamination and washes his hands up to 150 times a day, damaging his relationship with his wife and child. Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy help them repair their broken families?

Chad & Nicole, 14 April
Chad, a rock musician, is plagued with performing rituals that take up most of his waking hours. He fears that if he doesn’t perform his rituals correctly, something terrible will happen to him or his family. Nicole is obsessed with thoughts of her daughter getting kidnapped or dying. Chad and Nicole hope to overcome their overwhelming fears through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Sharon & Patricia, 21 April
Sharon obsessively taps and counts and suffers several major panic attacks a week. She believes her rituals protect her cancer-stricken mother. Meanwhile, Patricia constantly fears that she’ll die a sudden death from heart attack or stroke, or that she’ll get a deadly illness. She’s afraid of hospitals, which makes it impossible to support her husband as he gets treatment for his multiple sclerosis. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sharon and Patricia will try to face–and conquer–their terrible fears.

This program is available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles.



Written by Budiey

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