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AirAsia X Took Talented Designer to Paris Fashion Week

Airasia X Takes Upcoming Malaysian Designer To Paris Fashion Week

AirAsia X, the leading long-haul, low fare affiliate of AirAsia took talented designer, Ung Yiu Lin to the Paris Fashion Week. Yiu Lin, a talented young Malaysian designer of the brand KLutched, will be showcasing her designs at Tranoi and the Paris fashion week which is taking place from 4th to 7th March, 2011.

Paris, a city that brings to mind love, romance and fashion is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and a dream destination of many aspiring designers who wish to make their mark in the industry.

Yiu Lin, who comes from a business background holding a Masters in Applied Finance from Australia was previously a management consultant in the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Her venture into the fashion world started with her love for shoes 5 years ago with the brand name “ShoesShoesShoes”. The emergence of KLutched, her new bag line, is a result of two good friends marrying passion and unquenchable appetite for gorgeous fashion and bags. The latter took a life of its own at the start of 2010.

Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X said, “We are excited to have provided this great opportunity for Yiu Lin. We hope the trip would provide great benefits and exposure for the KLutched brand and the designer’s future career development in the fashion industry. We want to encourage Malaysians to realize their dreams and ensure that anything is possible, and in time, Yiu Lin could be the first of many!”

The first flight into Paris kicked off on Valentine’s Day this year with four direct flights weekly. AirAsia X has managed to combine both economical travel with comfort and has attracted the attention of more than just the budget traveller.

“The smart traveller understands the importance of value for money and with AirAsia X’s competitive fares; many have turned to us for their travel needs. Even celebrities fly with us,” concluded Azran.

Yiu Lin, proud owner of the KLutched brand commented “It is an immense honour and privilege to be invited to participate in one of fashions most exclusive trade show. Our participation in Tranoi is a big step forward for Malaysian designers in the world of fashion. I am proud to be invited among three Malaysians where the selection was based on KLutched’s first collection.”

“We are highly motivated to show Paris and the whole world of fashion what we Malaysian can achieve, and with the “Have You Been KLutched by AirAsia” event, it will generate more hype and buzz that we mean business and are in it for the long haul low fare airline; AirAsia X. The airline has indeed realized my dream. Long-haul in more ways than one!,” added Yui Lin.

AirAsia X’s second European destination after London, Paris, will further provide all designers in the making and celebrities alike the opportunity to fly to the city of fashion and be inspired by the magnificent sights, wonders and sounds of this wonderful city.

It has been AirAsia X’s aim to make Europe accessible to Asean countries and vice versa and it looks set to play an important part in promoting travel and tourism throughout and beyond the Asean region.

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