AirAsia No.1 On Twitter

AirAsia No.1 On Twitter
AirAsia Dominates Twitterspace by being the most talked about airline

Sepang, 2 APRIL 2012 – AirAsia is not only significant as the world’s best low cost airline, but also the world’s most ‘tweeted’ airline on Twitter.

According to reports published by, a web and mobile social network that feature tweets and location-verified reviews related to travel, AirAsia gained almost double the amount of mentions, or tweets, in the month of February as compared to the previous month.

The airline jumped from 13,500 to almost 23,000 mentions over the period, ahead of Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

The released statistical information on Twitter usage in the airline industry shows AirAsia at the top of the list in two main categories:

· ‘Best in class’ : Top performing airline brand with the greatest number of all the tweets exchanged between an airline and its consumers. This accounts for all the tweets collected: outbound (from airline to consumer) and inbound (from consumer to airline).

· ‘Airline Listening Champions” : the top airlines having received the most tweets from consumers.

The report also named AirAsia as top three among 192 airlines with Twitter accounts in ‘Airline Talking Champions” category, having sent the most tweets to consumers.

AirAsia’s Regional Head of Commercial, Kathleen Tan said “AirAsia is a very sociable brand and we embrace social media. We set the trends and go where the crowd is, uniting all under the interest and passion to travel, establishing a two-way platform to communicate with our guests, fans and potential guests with interest in travel. Through social media, AirAsia enables fans to communicate directly with us, where we listen to their feedback, attend to their queries and of course, give them a convenient platform to voice their thoughts and share ideas.”

“The brand strives to be bold, passionate and one-of-a-kind and the social media team in AirAsia shares the same attributes. From management to executives, social media is an important part in any communication, and when an effort as such is strongly championed by the top management at AirAsia, it further improves the social media experience for both the team and the fans. AirAsia Allstars, including our Group CEO, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and senior management are active on Twitter” she added.

To date, AirAsia’s official twitter accounts in various countries have a total of 514,852 followers.

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