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AirAsia Jawab Isu Bagasi & Kelewatan di LCCT

Statement from CEO of AirAsia Berhad, Aireen Omar

AirAsia would like to clarify the issues pertaining to the delay of KLIA2 and the recent claims that AirAsia’s ‘indecisiveness’ on the baggage handling system (BHS) and aerobridges is the cause for the delay of KLIA2’s completion. The claim deflects the public’s attention from the magnitude of the KLIA2 project which has grown so exponentially from what was originally envisaged in 2009.

The KLIA2 is a project meant to be a simple low cost airport built to relieve the congestion at the current LCCT which is already running beyond its 15 million-passenger capacity. KLIA2 was planned to be constructed to a capacity of 30 million passengers per annum, double the capacity of the LCCT.

Over the course of its construction, the terminal has developed into a vast and highly complex infrastructure, different compared to its initial plan. The BHS and aerobridges are only smaller components and should not be the main factor in the delay.

As a party who will ultimately occupy and operate from KLIA2, we have consistently expressed concerns over delays attributable to the size of the project as well as cost overruns which we do not want to be passed on to airlines.

Even during ongoing discussions MAHB have consistently assured the Malaysian Government, the Malaysian public and all stakeholders including AirAsia that the construction was on track and completion was 28th June 2013. In fact, MAHB announced the project was 53 days ahead of schedule in January 2013. Therefore it is indeed very puzzling that despite such clear visibility, MAHB is not able to conclusively state a new (delayed) date of completion for KLIA2.

Unless the true cause of the delay is made known, AirAsia feels there may be more finger pointing (against AirAsia or contractors) which will do nothing towards the completion of the project. AirAsia therefore would like to propose a solution for an independent body appointed by the Malaysian government to evaluate three key points:

1) What is the current progress of the project;

2) When can it be completed;

3) How much is it going to cost.

We believe that this is the fairest solution to ensure proper accountability for the project.

Aireen Omar

CEO, AirAsia Bhd

Written by Budiey

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