Airasia Adopts Global English Test Standards For Recruitment

AirAsia adopts global English test standards for recruitment
TOEIC® test as standard requirement for flight attendant candidates

AirAsia today announced that the airline will use the ‘Test of English for International Communication’, or TOEIC test, as a standardized English-language proficiency test. The tests are offered through Eshia & Associates Sdn Bhd, the country representative of Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The TOEIC Listening & Reading test is implemented as a preliminary requirement for flight attendant (FA) candidates. With this test and its 30 year old data, the airline will get the candidate’s effective listening and reading skills and can also effectively gauge the candidate’s level of competency in speaking and writing.

The tests will be administered directly by Eshia, which will offer special rates exclusively for AirAsia applicants, with all fees paid directly to the test administrator.

The results would then be used as one of the selection criteria during AirAsia’s FA selection process.

As the test is universal—not customized only for employment AirAsia—the results are usable for other purposes with other employers and organizations, where TOEIC results are required.

English is and will be an important communication tool for AirAsia’s employees to correspond effectively with customers. Having its ‘AirAsia Allstars’ workforce and customers from different geographic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the ability to ensure that the FAs possess a good grasp of the English language to effectively communicate with each another and make vital decisions, is a requirement.

English is the language of the travel and business industries. AirAsia believes that to achieve success worldwide, it is critical that its company’s workforces are English proficient.

AirAsia Regional Head of People Department, Adzhar Ibrahim said, “Our significant growth requires a workforce with excellent qualities and capabilities. Especially for front-liners like our flight attendants, they are in direct contact with our guests who sees them as representatives of the airline. They need to possess the essential qualities, good English speaking skills for instance, in order for them project a positive image and maintain the significance of our brand. This is one of the reasons for us to initiate this partnership with Eshia & Associates and ETS, in enhancing the quality of our FAs in the area of English communication.

“The TOEIC test, developed by ETS and administered by Eshia & Associates, allows us to effectively identify potential FAs with proficiency of the English language, which is a prerequisite for anyone who seeks to become a cabin crew. We need to be sure that a particular candidate is able to communicate effectively and understands a given instruction clearly. As the job involves highly technical procedures, good listening and understanding abilities are essential for it to be performed safely and efficiently.”

The TOEIC test will be made compulsory to all flight attendant candidates in all countries where AirAsia operates, ensuring the same high standards are maintained throughout the AirAsia Group (currently with established operations based in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines).

ETS Global Division Director, John Kochanski said, “Together with our Malaysia country representative Eshia & Associates, ETS is proud to be able to share our expertise in human capital development process with AirAsia. Through our Test of English for International Communication, also known as the TOEIC Test, AirAsia now joins other distinguish airlines around the world in using a global standard for its English proficiency program. The TOEIC Listening and Reading test was introduced by ETS 30 years ago, and today it has become the global standard for assessing workplace English proficiency. The score report provides the test takers and the organizations the descriptions of strengths and weaknesses, which is critical for hiring, placement and potential learning and development programs.”

Ezani Amir, Managing Director of Eshia & Associates said, “In today’s competitive international workplace, finding the person with the best English-communication skills is important. The TOEIC test offers an internationally recognized standard for both the company and the candidate. It also saves time and money by helping to put the right person in the right position.”

AirAsia is constant in its efforts to enhance the quality of its workforce—AirAsia Allstars–as it is essential in ensuring continuous success for the airline. The airline is what it is today because of the positive attitude and outstanding abilities of each and every person that makes up the AirAsia family.

Each and every one represents the AirAsia brand, akin to ‘walking advertisements’ for the airline. Besides its innovative trait, an exceptional workforce is the key in elevating the brand, setting the airline apart from the rest of the field.

Written by Budiey

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