Kuala Lumpur, 4 October 2013 – AEON Malaysia Cheers Club (AMCC) celebrates its first anniversary by going digital. Since it was launched in May 2012, the club has brought together approximately 1700 children between the age of 6 and 14 from all over Malaysia.

The AMCC was introduced to educate and cultivate a sense of importance towards the preservation and conservation of the environment. A strong believer of actions speaking louder than words; AMCC encourages a hands-on approach, providing insightful information about nature using the five senses to deliver a comprehensive educational experience.

Amcc Kids Doing Their Part During The Coastal Clean Up

“Fostering a culture of green living and caring for the environment should start from a very young age. It should be cultivated in a child’s daily activities,” said Nor Laila Binti Mohd Samin, the Senior Manager of Corporate Communication & Branding at AEON Co. (M) Bhd.

Taking a step further, AEON launched the AEON Malaysia Cheers Club Facebook page, which will be a regional page connecting all children worldwide on one common cause – Saving Mother Nature. The page will be a bridge between AEON’s environmentally conscious adage and the younger generations of today to impart a sense of respect and love for the environment around them as well as a set of integral values to be passed onto future generations.

“With this page, we hope to bring our children together to share ideas and love for the environment, and befriend like-minded children on a digital space. Besides connecting people, the page will also be our avenue to share information on upcoming activities and continue our environmental endeavours,” said Nor Laila.

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Some of the club’s notable activities are ‘AEON Pantai Ku Indah’ program which saw 800 children coming together to clean up the East Peninsular coastline as part of Earth Day celebration. In December last year, AMCC held its premier AMCC Green Day Trips where children were exposed to a plethora of environmental and learning exercises all around Malaysia. Lucky winners had the opportunity to visit Tasmania, Australia to interact with indigenous Australian wildlife. The upcoming AEON ‘10 Million Trees’ campaign will also see AMCC members planting their own tress as well as learn about the importance of trees in the preservation of Mother Nature.

“AMCC has a very straightforward, yet fundamental vision; to promote a sense of love for the environment in children. We hope with public awareness campaign such as this, we can pass down our values to our community and children,” ended Nor Laila

About AEON Co. (M) Bhd.

AEON Co. (M) Bhd. is a leading General Merchandise Stores (GMS) chain in Malaysia, being the country’s leading retailer with 26 outlets across the country. Incorporated in 1984 in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to help modernize the country’s retailing industry, AEON’s chain of stores across peninsular Malaysia strives to satisfy the ever changing needs and desires of consumers. Guided by its “Customer First” philosophy, the company’s acute understanding of their target market needs, aided by optimal product-mix, it strives to surpass consumer expectations and enhance their experience every time they shop.

AEON strongly supports environmental sustainability. It actively supports various causes, including recycling, energy conservation and tree planting, engaging and encouraging various parties, including staff, customers, NGOs, government agencies and the community at large. For more information, please visit:

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