Flower By Kenzo Essentielle


*The concept

In 2000, Kenzo launched Flowerbykenzo.
Delicate but strong, the poppy has left its mark.
An emblematic fragrance, a powdery floral, readily identifiable amongst all, distinctive and now familiar.
A unique olfactory creation born of the imagination of Alberto Morillas,
a beautiful way to shake up the world of floral fragrances,
Nine years after its launch, Flowerbykenzo asserts its position as a great classic.

2009, Kenzo introduces a new fragrance
Flowerbykenzo essentielle

A new Flowerbykenzo product which strongly expresses the core features of this great Perfume.

An olfactory and aesthetics approach inspired by traditional high-perfumery.
Re-design the Flowerbykenzo fragrance around its most characteristic notes. Express the noblest ingredients of Flowerbykenzo with exceptional quality.
A grand perfumer outlook, true to the line’s values.

The new bouquet
Slender, streamlines bottles, for a fragrance of a quality without compromise.

*The fragrance

Olfactory family:  musky rosy floral
Type: Eau de Parfum
Description: The Essential of Flowerbykenzo

The soul of Flowerbykenzo centres round its most emblematic notes.
Each accord is signed with precision. Enriched. The quality uncompromised.
The Rose and Musks become more generous and faceted.

A purist approach to the selection of ingredients.

Flowerbykenzo is composed of 3 accords: floral, powdery, vibrant

FLORAL  ACCORD which the principal notes are rose and jasmine.

Damascena Rosa _  essence (steam distillation)
Damascena Rosa _  absolute (cold extraction)
The distillation (essence) and the extraction (absolute) express different olfactory elements.
The Rosa Damascena is used as essence for its freshness and sparkle, and as absolute for a more sophisticated femininity. Thereby expressing all its facets.

Accordingly, the essence and the absolute are combined in the eau de parfum essentielle in an attempt to express the flower in all of its complexity.
The Rose therefore becomes more abundant and more faceted.

White flower par excellence, the Jasmine absolute is naturally voluptuous and opulent.
Barely present in the original eau de parfum, the perfumer gives it a new strength in the eau de parfum essentielle.
Used in the form of an absolute, it gives Flowerbykenzo a more voluptuous florality.

POWDERY ACCORD which the principal notes are muscs and vanilla.

A very musky heart : A combination of 3 musks, each with its own specific accent: vibrant for one, floral for the other and powdery for the third.
This accord gives the fragrance sensuality and softness. Used as base note, this extremely faceted and textured accord grants the composition a striking remanence.

The Vanilla absolute gives the fragrance a sensual touch and a  slightly powdery tone.
The addition of Vanilla absolute gives the original vanilla note extra denseness.

VIBRANT ACCORD which the principal notes are incense and spices.

Already present in the eau de parfum, it features more strongly and in its purest quality in the eau de parfum essentielle (incense essence).
Darker and more vibrant, it serves to provide a contrast to the colourful floral notes and gives the fragrance an exuberant elegance right from the top notes.

Pink Berries (essence) and Black Berry facet the eau de parfum’s very slightly spicy note.
They bring a new modernity.


The natural raw ingredients exist in several forms according to the process by which they are collected:
* The essence (obtained by steam or hot distillation) expresses the volatile tones of the flower (or of the natural raw ingredient in general)
* The absolute (obtained by cold extraction) expresses the dense tones of the flower (or of the natural raw ingredient in general)
These two processes make it possible to reveal the different facets of the natural raw ingredients.

Comparison between Eau de Parfum / Eau de Parfum essentielle

Flowerbykenzo is composed around 3 accords:

Eau de Parfum   Eau de Parfum essentielle

Rose     Rose (Damascena Rosa as essence and absolute)
Violet    Jasmine
Hawthorn    Hawthorn

Vanilla    Vanilla
White Musk   Combination of 3 musks (vibrant, floral, powdery)

Incense    Incense
Pink pepper and Black pepper

An interpretation by Francois Demachy, LVMH perfumer, on an original creation by Alberto Morillas, Firmenich.

*Positioning in the range

The new bouquet fits between, the EDP and the Perfume.

EDT       EDP       EDP       PARFUM


FBK parfum:
* Its concentration is that of a Perfume (greater than 15%).
* Its olfactory signature is crafted around Flowerbykenzo’s heart notes.
Its fragrance is more oriental, with slight almond and amber notes.

FBK edp essentielle:
* Its concentration is that of an eau de parfum (between 12% and 15%).
* Its olfactory signature is crafted around Flowerbykenzo’s most symbolic notes.
Flowers and musks become more abundant, denser. The eau de parfum is sublimed.

*The bottles

3 new bottles = 3 new sizes 25, 45 and 75 ml

Recommended retail price:
25ml: RM210
50ml: RM290
75ml: RM375

Weightlessness further defied. Matter becomes lightness, translucence.
Slender, streamlined bottles, almost to breaking point. Airborne, the poppies merrily leave the ground to open up in mid air.
Flowerbykenzo reaffirms its modernity, its Asian-style refinement. Measured, sculpted, dreamt-of luxury.
Serge Mansau redesigned the bottles, the design of Flowerbykenzo is magnified.

A new bouquet blossoms for this fragrance.
Three new bottle shapes inspired by the original forms used for FLOWERBYKENZO.
The lines are precise, refined and architectural. The caps are extremely slender.
Each one with a different orientation, the three bottles retrace the blooming of the poppy.
Once again, the bottles are an original creation by Serge Mansau.

Supplier: Auriplast for the cap, St Gobain and Pochet for the bottles.

Differentiation between essential EDP / EDP

The name
FLOWERBYKENZO      eau de parfum
FLOWERBYKENZO ESSENTIELLE   eau de parfum essentielle

The KENZO logo
Black for the EDP
Metallic grey for the EDP essentielle

The poppy
Smaller with a finer stem for the EDP essentielle

*The communication

A specific communication to communicate on Flowerbykenzo essentielle: a press visual + a film (20 secondes).
A communication centred on the fragrance. The fragrance at the heart of the visual.

Written by Budiey

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