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7-Eleven Welcomes BoBoiBoy Superheroes

In 2009, the animation industry in Malaysia welcomed the highly anticipated 3D superhero animation character BoBoiBoy by Animonsta Studios. Both Malaysian kids and adults were captivated by the character of BoBoiBoy a video game addict who lives with his grandfather, Tok Aba and has the superhero power with the ability to split into three, forming 3 specialized elemental clones – earth, wind and lightning.

Now, 7-Eleven Malaysia are giving the chance for the fans of the animation to collect the limited edition BoBoiBoy 3D Puzzle Figurines through 7-Eleven’s latest loyalty programme promotion starting from the 10th March to 4th May 2015.

7-Eleven Welcomes Boboiboy Superheroes

From left: 7-Eleven Malaysia General Manager (Marketing) Mr. Ronan Lee and 7-Elevene Malaysia CEO Gary Brown

During the eight-week promotional period, customers can start their BoBoiBoy 3D Figurine collection by purchasing minimum RM 6 in a single receipt at any 7-Eleven stores and will be rewarded with one programme sticker. Customers are entitled to receive bonus stickers by purchasing from 7-Eleven’s partnering brand items and items that are not included in this promotion are tobacco, gift cards, reloads and in-store service payment.

To grab one of these collectibles, customers’ need to collect 20 stickers to be able to redeem one 3D puzzle figurines that comes in 8 unique designs of Wind, Earth, Lighting, Water, Fire, Fang, Yaya and Ochobot before 11 May 2015.

The excitement does not end here! Lucky customers who are able to find a special all white BoboiBoy 3D Puzzle Figurines will be able to enter BoBoiBoy Contest for a chance to win mystery prizes. All they have to do is to colour the special all white 3D Puzzle Figurine creatively and check the contest details that will be uploaded on 7-Eleven Facebook and website.

“When people say animation 10 years ago, we will immediately think giant companies in the US but that is a mindset that we should put behind. It is time for us to believe that Malaysian product is on par with other countries and it is our duty to support our local animation industry. The success of BoBoiBoy animation has been recognized internationally and 7-Eleven Malaysia is doing our part to support the animation industry with our loyalty program that gives the chance for BoBoiBoy fans to collect these limited edition 3D figurines only available at our stores”. said CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia, Gary Brown.

Gary Brown also added, “We will the first to reveal upcoming characters of BoBoiBoy Fire and Water which are scheduled to be revealed on TV in April, so fans who want to be the first to look at the new characters need to redeem their 3D Puzzle Figurines as soon as possible. To add on the excitement, lucky customers who found an all-white 3D Puzzle Figurine will have the chance to enter BoBoiBoy contest and win exciting prizes.”

The success of BoBoiBoy was a historical mark to the Malaysian animation scene as the BoBoiBoy is deemed as the most precious product born from the MAC3 Incubator Program under the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC ) which was implemented in 2009.

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7-Eleven Welcomes Boboiboy Superheroes

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