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7 Facts About Our Favourite Disney Icons Minnie & Mickey Mouse You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Birthday! 7 Facts About Our Favourite Disney Icons You Probably Didn’t Know!

It’s time to celebrate Mickey and Minnie’s birthday! Created back in 1928, Mickey and Minnie have been part of many of our childhoods and continues to be one of the most iconic cartoon characters today.

7 Facts About Our Favourite Disney Icons You Probably Didn’t Know

In honour of their birthday on 18 November, here are 7 lesser-known facts about these household names that you probably didn’t know! 

  1. 1. Mickey almost had a different name  

When Walt Disney first created Mickey Mouse in 1928, Mickey was originally going to be named Mortimer. Lucky for us, we can thank Lillian, Walt Disney’s wife, for talking him out of it as she felt it was too pompous. “Mortimer Mouse and Minnie Mouse” definitely doesn’t quite have the same ring to it! 

  1. 2. Mickey and Minnie are not married

Contrary to popular belief, Mickey and Minnie are not married, nor are they siblings (despite sharing the same birthday). Even without being a married couple, Mickey sure does set the bar high for love, as he’s forever courting Minnie as his one-and-only. 

7 Facts About Our Favourite Disney Icons You Probably Didn’t Know
  1. 3. More than just typical cartoon characters 

Mickey and Minnie were created to break down stereotypical cartoon characters – where they were both one of the first cartoon characters created with personalities in mind. Mickey, known for his eternal optimism, and Minnie, known for her upbeat and girlish femininity, are huge factors of why these two stars have remained so relevant till today. 

  1. 4. Minnie didn’t always rock her iconic red bow 

Minnie was originally designed in the flapper fashion. Her first and main fashion statement was wearing the female version of a bowler hat with her signature daisy sprouting from the top. 

  1. 5. Mickey’s first words were… Hot Dogs!  

Mickey made his theatrical debut in Steamboat Willie, the first-ever fully synchronized sound cartoonon November 18, 1928. However, Mickey only spoke his first words the following year in Karnival Kid – with his first words being “Hot dogs!”. That’s one way to leave an impact. 

7 Facts About Our Favourite Disney Icons You Probably Didn’t Know
  1. 6. Minnie is kind of the friend we all need

While Minnie’s lifelong friend is none other than Daisy, whom she often turns to when she’s in need of a confidante, she’s also a good friend who sympathises with the plights of others! Minnie’s known for always being there for her friends, lending her support whenever they’re in need, like helping Clarabelle Cow get out of sticky situations and Mickey by taking care of his dog, Pluto.

  1. 7. The first Mickey Mouse merchandise was a writing tablet

While one of the most iconic Mickey and Minnie merchandise today are the ear headbands, the first ever licensed Mickey Mouse merchandise was a writing tablet! This all happened when a man offered Walt Disney US$300 to use Mickey on a children’s pencil tablet, in which Walt agreed to because he needed the money. 

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