5 Filem Thriller Yang Perlu Ditonton Sebelum 2019

If You Want Something Other Than Christmas Clichés, Here Are 5 Thrillers to Watch on Netflix Before the Year Ends

And just like that, we’re at the end of the year, with less than two weeks to go! Some of us call it the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ with all the festivities, whilst others just find excitement in the coming of a new year.

But if you’re not really the gingerbread cookie-eating, Christmas carolling type, and need a break from all the happily-ever-afters and warm fuzzy movie clichés, then we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 thrillers on Netflix that will definitely break the momentum of all the heart-warming Christmas joy and get your blood pumping!

1. I Am Legend – Now Streaming
When a virus turns the human race into bloodthirsty mutants, civilisation’s last hope is scientist Robert Neville- the only person left unaffected.

The Ritual

2. The Ritual *(N) – Now Streaming
Four friends with a long standing but strained connection take a hiking trip into the Swedish wilderness, from which they may never return.

3. The Watcher – Now Streaming
In this fact-based thriller, a young couple buys their dream home only to learn it has a grim past- and that someone is watching their every move.

4. How It Ends *(N) – Now Streaming
When a mysterious disaster turns a country into a warzone, a young lawyer heads west with his future father-in-law to find his pregnant fiancée.

Bird Box 3

5. Bird Box *(N) – Premieres 21 December
Five years after a wave of mass suicide decimates the population, a woman and her two children embark on a desperate, dangerous quest for sanctuary in this must-watch thriller starring Academy Award-winning, Sandra Bullock.

Happy watching!

Bird Box 1

Written by Budiey

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