4 Cool Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

As we reach the middle period of June, most Malaysians are busy preparing and looking forward to Eid al-Fitr, or more popularly known as “Hari Raya”. If you need any help preparing for the biggest festive season in the country, we suggest you read our blog post on the essentials to include in your Raya budget.

But amidst the Hari Raya mood, there is another celebration this month which carries a lot of significance. We are of course talking about Father’s Day, which falls on June 17th.

Yes, fathers. The brave, smiling men who help their children build dreams and reach for the stars.

If you’re planning to get a gift for your father or would like to pick one for your husband, you’d definitely love our cool ideas. Well, it’s time we look beyond shirts and watches.

Make Daddy Cool a superhero!

If the father in question happens to be on the younger side or is a fan of the superhero culture, then this is the gift for him! If he has children who also love geeky stuff, then that’s even more reason to order Mega Dad Personalised Comic Book!

Fathers have always been our real-life superheroes and now we can make it official. Yes, Dad! I knew when you were leaving for work each day, you were actually flying off to save someone in trouble!

See your old man (or significant other) take centre stage in this incredible, comic-styled personalised book. Both the father’s and child’s names are incorporated into a colourful story of heroic adventures. This makes it perfect for fathers with little children as they’ll love reading it together before bed!

In a way, you are giving him an extra gift which is memories and quality time spent with his loved ones. How can it get better than that?

Capture the beautiful story

They say the best gifts are those made with a lot of thought, love, and effort. With that in mind, why not create a special home-made biographical movie about your family?

It doesn’t have to be high budget as even the quality of today’s smartphone cameras is more than sufficient to put together an amateur video clip. There are many video editing software which are easy to learn and use. In fact, many have automated templates to make your job easier.

Be sure to feature various points in your life involving your father and highlight some of the sacrifices he made for his family. You can get your own children or relatives to play younger versions of yourselves. Get all your siblings to be involved in the project too.

Recreate your favourite childhood memories with your father. Show moments of how when you became a parent yourself, you started to understand his sacrifices better. End with shots of your family members expressing their love and gratitude towards him.
There are plenty of reasons to love dad

Let’s face it — we can all list down multiple reasons why we love our fathers. You have plenty of memories together, a host of skills and values that he taught you. And he has a multitude of endearing quirks, he gave you an abundance of love and made many sacrifices as well.

However, not everyone is comfortable with their abilities in writing or expressing their feelings. If this is you then do not fret. The What I Love About Dad Fill in The love Love Journal allows you to list down those reasons through special fill-in-the-blank lines. Just complete each line and voila! You now have a unique personal gift that he’ll read again and again.

Something he loves doing

We live in times where there is so much to do yet we have so little time to do them. This is particularly true if someone is a parent with young kids. They barely find time to indulge in things they love, such as reading.

Rapid advancements in both technology and lifestyle have turned listening into the new reading. Yes, we agree there are certain qualities that you only get by reading physical books. But as we mentioned, the modern-day lifestyle is so packed that we don’t get the time to do so.

Audiobooks, on the other hand, allow us to download a book and listen to it on the go. We can listen to it while in the car (and Malaysian traffic jams means we spend a lot of time here), during a morning walk, or even while doing chores around the house.

With this in mind, an Audible subscription could be a great Father’s Day gift. Your father can listen to his books through multiple devices. Additionally, they have a 30-day free trial so if your father still prefers the old method of reading, he can cancel the subscription.

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