Spotify Introduces Top Tracks in Your Network

We’re obsessed with music discovery and we know that a huge part of finding new music happens amongst friends. Every day, millions of listeners find, discover and share music on Spotify – but a great recommendation from someone you trust is something special. So what if you could tap into all these moments of discovery and see what your friends have been listening to – without having to ask?

Today we’re launching new discovery features that make it easier than ever to tap into your friends’ latest music picks.

Latest feature serves up a daily chart of the most popular songs amongst your friends. See which artists and albums your friends are listening to via artist pages

Top Tracks in Your Network is a new chart showing the most played songs among the people you follow. The more popular a song is with your friends, the higher it is up the chart. Refreshed daily, the new chart can be found in the Browse section under Top Lists. A drop down list of the people listening to the song can be found next to the track details. Top Tracks in Your Network is the easiest way to stay in the loop about what your friends are listening to.

A lot of the time our listeners are simply browsing Spotify to find a new playlist or artist to explore. And whilst Top Tracks in Your Network shows you what’s trending, we believe that information should also exist throughout Spotify, so that you can see what your friends are digging in context.

Now, when you go to an artist or album you’ll see who’s been listening, which is a great way to spark conversation and discover friends who share your taste in music.

“Discovering music through friends has always been core to what we do at Spotify,” says Charlie Hellman, VP of Product at Spotify. “One out of every five Spotify streams comes from a user listening to another user’s music, whether that’s checking out an artist you saw your friend listening to, or seeing that your gym buddy has created the perfect workout playlist.”

Top Tracks in Your Network begins rolling out today on iOS and Android platforms, and to desktop soon.

The updated album and artist pages are now available on desktop, with a mobile update arriving in the coming weeks.

Hafiz Suip

Written by Budiey

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