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Photos Zac Efron Low Rise Jeans at Sunset Gower Studios

Zac Efron wears his typical low-rise jeans as he arrives at Sunset Gower Studios (a full service production facility for motion pictures) in Hollywood on Thursday.

Zac Afron Pic

Nice FTL undees, Zefron! (That’s Fruit of the Loom, people. Available at!)

Via TVGuide: “High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens on Thursday put her best baby feet forward in a bid to make a $150,000 lawsuit go away. Charged with owing outstanding fees to her former lawyer, Hudgens filed a motion — accompanied by her baby-footprinted birth certificate — arguing that she was a minor, all of 16, when she inked her contract with the plaintiff, and thus cannot be held liable. A hearing on the matter has been set for Dec. 5.”

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