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Pacifica Unveils Bertazzoni LaGermania in Malaysia

Pacifica unveils Bertazzoni LaGermania in Malaysia

Luxurious Italian kitchen appliance from Emilia-Romagna makes its debut

Kuala Lumpur, 1st JULY 2011– Today is a big day for Pacifica and Bertazzoni LaGermania. As the leading Italian marquee for premium, precision-engineered kitchen lifestyle appliances, the Emilia-Romagna based manufacturers are gold standard bearers in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Unveiled in true Italian glamour on a lovely Friday, a lavish soiree took place at the Archidex 11 in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Saifuddin Ahmad,Vincent Lim,Dr Andrea Ambra,John Cho.graziano Soliani

Saifuddin Ahmad, Vincent Lim, Dr Andrea Ambra ,John Cho. Graziano Soliani

Former Miss Malaysia and emcee Elaine Daly delivered the welcome note, where among the esteemed guest present included the Italian Trade Commissioner, Dr. Andrea Ambra, Deputy President of Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, Ar. Saifuddin Ahmad, Managing Director of Pacifica Appliances Sdn. Bhd. John Cho and Graziano Soliani, Asia Regional Manager of Bertazzoni SpA, as well as notable luminaries in the local entertainment scene including Ning Baizura, Dynas Mokhtar, Belinda Chee and Amber Chia.

“Bertazzoni LaGermania is a fifth-generation family-owned enterprise established for more than a century in the quaint town of Emilia-Romagna. Our luxury appliances are exported to more than 60 countries around the world, each individual item embodying the passion, precision and unique culinary traditions the company was founded upon” states Soliani who conveyed his well wishes to the Malaysian arm of the venture. With a roster of top Milan designers noted for their finesse in crafting understated products that seamlessly marry form and function.

With Pacifica Appliances Sdn. Bhd obtaining exclusive rights for Bertazzoni LaGermania in Malaysia, Managing Director John Cho was quick to acknowledge the prestige of representing the Bertazzoni LaGermania locally. He believes that there is a target market segment of the affluent in Malaysia who will appreciate the sleek designs that is the Italian label’s calling card.


“I think we’ve [Malaysian consumers] all been waiting for a very long time for a big brand name like Bertazzoni LaGermania to come along and shake things up,” Cho quipped. “It’s quite amazing for us to be able to participate in a bit of history like this. The Bertazzoni brand was ranked as the Top 2 luxury brand in the US by the Luxury Institute in 2008, just behind LaCornue of France but above established names like AGA, Wolf, Gaggenau and Viking.

Noted for its signature clean lines and stainless steel finish, new color lines will nevertheless be introduced that will bring imaginative new dimensions to kitchen design. Innovatively adopting the industrial painting process utilized in the automotive industry. The triple coating gives a brilliant glossy sheen akin to reflective glass yet boasts the durability of high-speed roadsters.  In fact, the top line Professional Series of Bertazzoni range is painted and hand-polished at a nearby Ferrari and Lamborghini paint workshop.

Mr John Cho &Amp; Mr Cho

It was also revealed during the afternoon’s festivities that Bofi (M) Sdn. Bhd., an established brand synonymous with high quality cabinetry systems in Malaysia, will be the first authorised resellers of Bertazzoni LaGermania products in their luxury showroom in Jalan Kemajuan.

In all, there was much cause for celebration as Bertazzoni LaGermania makes its way to Malaysian Kitchens.

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About Bertazzoni LaGermania

Bertazzoni LaGermania cooking products originate in Emilia-Romagna, a region world-famous for its glorious food.  Precision-engineered to the highest specifications by the Bertazzoni family – who have been making high-quality ranges since the beginning of the last century – every appliance bearing the Bertazzoni name represents an unwavering commitment to quality.

Inspired by the exquisite art of Italian cooking and equally notable Italian engineering, high specification Bertazzoni stoves are sold all over the world. With consistent improvements in efficiency, production has doubled since 1998.  The performance is indicated by clear design choices, by the shape and the sizes of functional parts. This conveys a bold message consistent with the Bertazzoni promise of engineering-inspired functionality delivered in Italian style.

In 2007, Bertazzoni SpA has celebrated its 125th anniversary. For all its modernisation and global marketing efforts, Bertazzoni LaGermania still draws design cues from traditional Italian culture, cuisine and style, and that it remains a specialist in culinary arena.

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About Pacifica

Pacifica Appliances is the leading brand of home and kitchen appliances for Asian cooking needs in Malaysia and has a solid reputation for customer service and product support since its establishment in 1993.  It is the principal in Malaysia for brands Pacifica, Pacific and Phi, as well as a purveyor of fine appliances from Europe, being the distributor of exciting brands Baumatic, Beko and now Bertazzoni LaGermania.

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Dynas, Ning, Saifuddin Ahmad, Saifuddin Ahmad, Vincent Lim, Dr Andrea Ambra, John Cho, Graziano Soliani

Elaine Daly, Jean, John Cho &Amp; Graziano Soliani

Amber Chia, Jean, John Cho, Graziano Soliani

Ning Baizura &Amp; Dynas

Ning, Mr John Chor, Graziano Soliani, Xavier Mah, Dynas &Amp; Belinda Chee


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