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Nora Danish Ajar Peminat Cara Betul Nak Berselfie

Get your Selfie camera ready: Nora Danish is challenging you do this face better than her in OPPO’s Ultimate Selfie Contest.

OPPO’s Selfie Expert, F1 and its Selfie Ambassador, Nora Danish – the powerful Selfie Combo has been going hand in hand frequently on the screen and has created an impactful impression on its revolutionary Selfie taking functions.

Oppo’s Selfie Expert, F1 And Its Selfie Ambassador, Nora Danish - The Powerful Selfie Combo Has Been Going Hand In Hand Frequently On The Screen And Has Created An Impactful Impression On Its Revolutionary

OPPO’s Selfie Expert, F1 is gaining a lot of attention over the past few weeks with its Selfie Ambassador, Nora Danish. The powerful Selfie Combo has been going hand in hand frequently on the screen and has created an impactful impression on its revolutionary Selfie taking functions.

While the sensational actress is not only famous for her always on-point selfies, but also her iconic playful facial expressions that catches the eyeballs of her 3.1M loyal followers on Instagram.

Now Nora Danish is challenging the selfie lovers to imitate one of her iconic pouting look and stand a chance to win an OPPO F1 while flaunting their most creative and best imitation of Nora.

The prizes of the selfie contest are as per following:

Grand Prize OPPO F1 x 1
2nd prize (available weekly) “Olike” 13,000mAh powerbank x 2 units
3rd prize (available weekly) OPPO Selfie Stick x 5 units
Consolation prize (available weekly) Movie ticket for Two(2) x 15 units

OPPO’s Selfie Expert, F1 has a built-in Beautify 3.0 that offers a wide range of mood filters and seamless blemishes removing with instant highlight on subject’s features

The two-week selfie contest runs from the period between 1st March 2016 to 15th March 2016. OPPO kicked started the first game week on the 1st of March to 7th of March with Nora’s pouting facial expression as the guide; while the second game week will be continued from 8th March to 15th of March 2016 with another facial expressions that will be announced later at the end of the first game week.

The top selfies with the most likes and best creativity will be delivered to Nora Danish and the winners will be selected by Nora personally. On top of the attractive grand prizes that are up for the grab, the winners’ selfies might also stand a chance to be published by Nora Danish on her social media platform.

Easy steps to win the Selfie Expert, F1
First of all, take a selfie of yourself imitating Nora Danish’s most iconic and playful facial expression as being given. Upload your best impersonation of Nora with creativity on and share your selfie to your Facebook account with the hashtags of #OPPOF1 #Selfident #OPPOxNora and tag @malaysiaoppo and 2 of your friends.

Think this facial expression is too advance for you? Fret not, Nora has prepared a short Selfie tutorial to give you an edge in the pool of competition.

Oppo’s Selfie Expert, F1 Has A Built-In Beautify 3.0 That Offers A Wide Range Of Mood Filters And Seamless Blemishes Removing With Instant Highlight On Subject’s Features

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