Mandarin Sci-Fi Anthology On Children Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Five stories give us a surreal glimpse into Asian family realities

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Netflix Mandarin sci-fi anthology On Children makes its debut today in Asia.

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Written from an Asian family perspective, this short series penetrates keenly into the emotional depths of each family member. Parental love becomes the vortex that each child is drawn into, and struggles to break free. The show gives a sharp description of the systematic clampdowns that go by the name of love, imbalanced family relationships, and the deterioration of a society under high-pressure. Each episode is intense with surprising twists, and includes elements of sci-fi and fantasy.

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This five-part series was adapted from a novel by the same name, written by Taiwanese author Xiaole Wu (吳曉樂). Directed by Golden Bell Award Winner and Director of Year of the Rain, Chen Hui Ling, the anthology also stars well-known Taiwanese actors and actresses including Kang-ren Wu from Autumn’s Concerto, and up and coming actress Frances Wu (吳兆絃).

Netflix members can watch the first episode of the anthology today, with new episodes airing every Saturday until 4 August 2018.

Written by Budiey

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