Firefly Airlines’ Unique #TrueMalaysian Video Hits the Spotlight

Firefly has pitched many parts of Malaysia beautifully as one big home in a 7.28-minute video recently. The 100% Malaysian airline proudly takes one to the many different heart beats of Malaysia which tells a story about how beautiful Malaysia is via this uniquely done video, titled Firefly – A Symbol of a #TrueMalaysian Pride.

The video brings you to the different parts of Malaysia, including some of the unknown places such as Balai Nobat in Alor Setar, Sleeping Buddha in Kota Bahru, Kampung Cina in Terengganu, Kilang Bateri in Johor Bahru, Kellie’s Castle in Ipoh, Cameron Highlands in Kuantan, The Top in Penang, Cenang Beach in Pulau Langkawi, Mah Meri Orang Asli Village in Selangor and many more.

Firefly - A Symbol Of A #Truemalaysian Pride

“It is not always about the skyscrapers and expensive restaurants. There is more to it that even we Malaysians tend to overlook at times. This video is our stake in the ground about who we are and what makes Malaysia unique in the world as a place to visit, meet and explore,” said Ignatius Ong, CEO of Firefly Airlines.

The video, produced in-house by the airline’s Marketing & Communications team, begins with words that touch many hearts of Malaysians such as the need to put the negativities aside, having the feeling of belongingness and togetherness with all Malaysians. It states that Firefly will stand tall, united and will make our “home” proud. The video then moves on to showcase Faruq Suhaimi, a professional dancer, telling the places of interests’ stories through dance and his interesting moves, which would definitely make it a catch for local and foreign tourists to plan their holidays according to their specific interests.

Celebrating its’ BIG 10th Anniversary, Firefly aims to draw more locals and tourists to the many unknown beauty in Malaysia which is filled with spectacular sights of heritage, architecture, neighborhoods, culture and also to places where one will find a unique way of looking at Malaysia.

Watch the beauty of our “home” on FireflyTV channel, at and don’t miss the chance to enjoy other interesting videos on FireflyTV via

Background on Firefly

Firefly, Malaysia’s Premium Short-Haul Airline began operations in April 2007. Currently, it operates a fleet of 12 ATR 72-500 turboprops out of Penang and Subang, connecting secondary destinations within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle as well as providing air linkages between Malaysia and Singapore. Firefly provides incredible value, convenient flight timings and excellent service to its passengers. On the ATR 72-500 passengers are allowed 20kg check-in baggage allowance, provided complimentary in-flight refreshments, assigned seating and convenient city airports.

Firefly has received numerous awards and recognitions. In April 25, 2014 Firefly received an award for the Transportation, Travel and Tourism category. In 2012, Firefly was accorded Most Promising Brand of the Year by Putra Brand Awards. On November 15, 2011, Firefly was conferred “Superbrand” status. Other awards received include the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Value Airline of the Year award and the Green Initiative of the Year 2010 award by Leaders in Aviation in conjunction with the Doha Aviation Summit. Firefly is also recognized as the Best Brand in Aviation for the Brand Laureate.

Firefly connects with the world through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Budiey

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