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Craft Your Own Sizzling Lamb Burger at NY Steak Shack

It’s the New Year, 2019 is here at last! When it comes to the New Year, resolutions are one thing that people make often, whether it may be promising to hit the gym more regularly, learning to cook or trying to be financially independent.

KHere at NY Steak Shack, our resolution is to keep improving ourselves so that guests are always impressed by the wonderful dining experience they have had.

That said, action speaks louder than words. To meet our New Year’s resolution, NY Steak Shack is introducing the all-new Sizzling Lamb Burgers! Available from 7 January until 3 March 2019, the three Sizzling Lamb Burgers include the Sizzling Double Cheese Lamb BurgerSizzling Mushrooms and Cheese Lamb Burger and the Sizzling Garlic Lamb Burger

Sizzling Garlic Lamb Burger

The Only Sizzling Burger You’ll Ever Need

Guests will be able to craft their own burgers layers with either one of the three options. If you are a serious cheese fan, consider the Sizzling Double Cheese Lamb Burgerwhich consists of two lamb patties totaling 200gms in weight grilled to perfection and served sizzling on a bed of fresh onions together with two slices of cheddar cheese, priced at RM 29.80. 

If you love cheese but also want a little something else, you can opt for the SizzlingMushrooms and Cheese Lamb Burger. For the same price as the Sizzling Double Cheese Lamb Burger, guests are able to taste both cheddar cheese and sautéed mushrooms in the same burger together with two deliciously grilled lamb patties (total weight 200gms) served sizzling on a bed of fresh onions.  

Sizzling Double Cheese Lamb Burger

For those who prefer not to have cheese at all, the Sizzling Garlic Lamb Burgerwill be your go-to. The Sizzling Garlic Lamb Burger consists of two lamb patties (total weight 200gms) grilled to perfection served sizzling on a bed of fresh onions with NY Steak Shack’s specially made garlic butter and crispy garlic flakes, priced at RM 28.80. 

All Sizzling Lamb Burger come with Oregano buns, fresh lettuce and tomato for guests to customize their burger layers as well as a side of fries and choice of black pepper sauce or brown sauce. 

A good drink is like a full stop to a delicious meal. So complement your burger with NY Steak Shack’s selection of latest Funtastic Milkshakes in partnership with Nestle Ice Cream and Gooday. For those seeking bold flavors or simply itching to try something out-of-the-ordinary this New Year, consider the Cornflakes Milkshake, Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake orStrawberry Milkshake for only RM13.80 each. 

All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Service Tax. More details of the Sizzling Lamb Burger, otherpromotionsand latest news can be found on

Sizzling Mushrooms &Amp; Cheese Lamb Burger

About NY Steak Shack

Inspired by New York City, NY Steak Shack is a homegrown Malaysian brand that captures the essence and vivacity of the Big Apple as it is fondly referred to. The result is a culinary synergy unlike any other, creating a genuinely unique and distinct offering. 

Truly a sizzling sensation for all the senses, NY Steak Shack is the ultimate place to satisfy those cravings for mouthwatering meaty goodness. Savour our signature sizzling steaks or indulge in our succulent burgers, tasty shakes, mouthful starters, healthy salad, delicious soups, mouth-watering pasta & rice, extravagant sharing platters and so much more!

The first steak shack in Malaysia to receive HALAL certification from JAKIM, NY Steak Shack offers affordable meals, enticing discerning meat lovers with affordable prices – a mere fraction of what they can expect to pay at other conventional steakhouses.  NY Steak Shack’s first outlet was opened in July 2014. Currently, there are eight outlets located in the Klang Valley, with additional outlets in the pipeline.    

For more info, log on to

Written by Budiey

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