Comedy Central Siar Sitkom Terbaru I LIVE WITH MODELS

First and Exclusive Asia Premiere on Tuesday, 19 May at 8.30pm (TH/WIB), 9.30pm (HK/PH/SG/TW), and 10.30pm (MY)

Comedy Central today announced the launch of its new multi-camera original sitcom, I Live with Models, which was shot on location and in front of a studio audience in the U.K. It premieres in Asia on Tuesday, 19 May at 8.30pm (TH/WIB), 9.30pm (HK/PH/SG/TW), and 10.30pm (MY).

I Live with Models is a brand new sitcom set on the fringes of the fashion industry in Miami and follows the everyday adventures of four naïve 20-somethings coming face to (flawless) face with the real world. The show centres around Tommy, a chubby barista, whose perfect hands catapult him into the glamorous but ruthless world of modelling. He can take everything his new career throws at him but the hard part is dealing with his new roommates – a tough-talking catalogue model, a muscled lothario and a neurotic catwalk diva.

Comedy Central Siar Sitkom Terbaru I Live With Models

The show is another of Comedy Central’s original multi-camera sitcom production and continues the network’s mission to produce more original content for the international territories.

The first episode titled, “The Hand Model,” sees regular slob Tommy (David Hoffman) being discovered as a hand model and thrown together with three gorgeous models, Anna (Rebecca Reid), Enrique (Eric Aragon), and Scarlet (Brianne Howey) in a slick beachside apartment. His first impression couldn’t be worse, until he sees the chance to help Scarlet win a job.

I Live with Models features an up and coming cast, comprising of David Hoffman (Bridesmaids, New Girl), Brianne Howey (Twisted, Horrible Bosses 2), Rebecca Reid (New Girl, Children’s Hospital), Joseph May (Episodes) and Eric Aragon (Desperate Housewives).

Tweet: @ComedyCentralAS “hits the runway” with new original sitcom #ILiveWithModels premiering 19 May in Asia!

Executive producers are Jill Offman and Lourdes Diaz for Comedy Central and Ash Atalla and Dan Hine for Rough Cut TV.

Repeat telecast timings are:

Every Wednesday beginning 20 May

• 12mn, 9:30am, 2.30pm (TH/WIB)

• 1am, 10.30am, 3.30pm (HK/PH/SG/TW)

• 2am, 11.30am, 4.30pm (MY)

Every Friday beginning 22 May

• 2.30pm, 8.30pm 12mn (TH/WIB)

• 3.30pm, 9.30pm, 1am (HK/PH/SG/TW)

• 4.30pm, 10.30pm, 2am (MY)

Every Saturday beginning 23 May

• 12mn (TH/WIB)

• 1am (HK/PH/SG/TW)

• 2am (MY)

Comedy Central Siar Sitkom Terbaru I Live With Models

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