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10 Pemenang Be Unbeaten Bawa Pulang Samsung Galaxy S10

While the Galaxy’s 10thAnniversary was celebrated in the high streets of Genting Highlands in March 2019, it was Samsung’s ‘Be Unbeaten’campaign that brought things to a whole new level – literally.

Nabila Razali

Nabila Razali

On March 1st2019, Samsung Malaysia launched 10 units of the new Galaxy S10 80,000 feet up into the sky, and the public was then invited to make an educated guess about where these smartphones would eventually land. Today, the 10 winners have been revealed and they walked home with a brand new Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10.

Samsung’s “Be Unbeaten” Campaign Rewards 10 Winners Each With A New Galaxy S10

“One purpose of this Be Unbeatencampaign was to show the world what the Galaxy S10 is capable of, especially in terms of taking pro-grade photos.

Beautiful images of the earth have been taken with the phones and it goes to show that the outstanding camera on the Galaxy S10 can capture and record just about any stunt, even up in space! But the bigger picture we wanted to achieve was to inspire people to realise that they are capable of doing what seems like the impossible.

For one, these winners were able to pinpoint the S10 units’ landing spots with unreal accuracy. Congratulations to our winners, we believe that your new smartphone will take you to greater heights and help you do what you can’t!”

– Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony at the conclusion of Samsung’s Be Unbeaten campaign, Ang Li Ern said that although it was an educated guess, she was not expecting to win.

“This is my first time ever hearing about this sort of contest. After finding out about it through Jenn Chia’s Instagram story, I spent about 4 hours trying to pinpoint the right landing location using Google Maps,” she said, adding that she will be giving her new Galaxy S10 to her mother, as she is already a happy user of the Galaxy Note9. 

Ang Li Ern, 24, happily receives her Samsung Galaxy S10 at the Be Unbeaten Prize GivingCeremony

Arisha binti Mohd Adnan, another winner of a brand-new Galaxy S10, added that this is by far the greatest prize she has won in an online contest.

“I never expected to be one of the winners, so you can imagine my excitement right now. Ever since its launch, I really wanted to be an owner of the new Galaxy S10, which is why I took part in this contest. It took me a couple of hours to come up with my final answer via Google Maps, and I did it on the last day of the contest!” she laughed. “I can’t wait to start using my new phone’s great camera, and I’m really looking forward to trying out the Galaxy Buds too,”

Arisha binti Mohd Adnan, 26, noted her excitement to try out her new Galaxy S10

The Be Unbeaten campaign was Samsung’s inaugural attempt at launching a smartphone up to the earth’s stratosphere, a feat that has never been done before by any smartphone brand in Malaysia.

The 10 winners of Samsung’s Be Unbeaten campaign posing for a photo after receiving their new smartphones

To know more about Samsung’s epic Be Unbeaten campaign, visit

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